Cover Art: The Way Through Doors by Jesse Ball

The Way Through Doors Cover Art

Book Cover art for Jesse Ball’s acclaimed novel The Way Through Doors, designed by Helen Yentus and Jason Booher.

When Selah Morse sees a young woman get hit by a speeding taxicab, he rushes her to the hospital. The girl has lost her memory; she is delirious and has no identification, so Selah poses as her boyfriend. She is released into his care, but the doctor charges him to keep her awake, and to help her remember her past. Through the long night, he tells her stories, inventing and inventing, trying to get closer to what might be true, and hoping she will recognize herself in one of his tales.

This confused mental state and “story within a story” structure are advertised very simply and very beautifully in this cover design, which comes courtesy of two creative heavyweights: Jason Booher and Helen Yentus.  Independently, they’re responsible for some of the most prolific and attention-grabbing book designs in recent years (almost all of which are queued on our “to post” list), so it’s practically inevitable that a collaboration would pay off so well.

We adore designs that play with the illusion of layered paper.  (The paper art of Philip Pullman’s Grimm Tales is another great example.)  When pulled off well, it’s an illusion that looks strikingly real.

And the book itself? By virtually all accounts it’s a fantastic read. We look forward to taking it on once we can get our eyes off the cover! You can find it on both Amazon and the Book Depository.

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