James Bond Pin-Up Cover Art by Michael Gillette

Tiffany Case

A complete high-resolution gallery of Michael Gillette‘s pin-up Bond Girl book covers from the James Bond Centenary Collection (and where to find them).

To celebrate author Ian Fleming’s 100th birthday in 2008, Penguin commissioned these very cool, very retro, pin-up style covers for 007′s Centenary Edition hardcover reissue. Risque and far from politically incorrect, it’s pretty much pitch-perfect for the 1950s-60s spy series!  Continue reading for the full high-res gallery.

With the colouring and lettering art changing from story to story, each novel has a distinct personality while staying firmly within the alluring “body art” theme. Gillette has clearly put an incredible amount of care into each and every design.

The Penguin Blog had the initiative to photograph the lined up book spines and dust jacket design, proving they’re “not so much collectible as bloody irresistible”.

James Bond Hardcover Collection Casino Royale Dust Jacket

MI6 Confidential Magazine took a behind-the-scenes look at Gillette’s art. Click to enlarge.

MI6 Confidential Magazine MI6 Confidential Magazine

MI6 Confidential Magazine scans courtesy of James Bond Prints.

San Francisco’s Electric Works Gallery are currently selling licensed, high-quality prints of each cover – though they aren’t cheap!

007 Pinup Print Michael Gillette Prints

Now for the bad news: the 2008 Centenary hardcover editions are difficult to find new these days, though paperback and kindle versions can still be spotted in the wild.  For the serious book collectors, each image below will link to the Amazon listing, so you’ll at least have a sporting chance of finding it new or used from another seller.  Good luck!

The Complete Bond Girl Pin-Up Cover gallery

Casino Royale

Featuring Vesper Lynd (portrayed by Eva Green in the film)

Vesper Lynd

Live and Let Die

Live and Let Die

(Perhaps Fleming’s best James Bond novel, largely ignored when adapted into perhaps the worst James Bond film.)
Featuring Gala Brand

Gala Brand

Diamonds are Forever
Featuring Tiffany Case (played in the movie by Jill St. John)


Tiffany Case

From Russia, with Love
Featuring Tatiana Romanova (portrayed in the film by Daniela Bianchi)

Tatiana Romanova

Dr. No
Featuring Honey Rider (portrayed in the film by Ursula Andress)

Honey Rider

Featuring (if the gold skin can be taken as foreshadowing) Jill Masterton, played by Shirley Eaton in the film.

Jill Masterton

For Your Eyes Only (Short Story Collection #1)

For Your Eyes Only

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Featuring Diminetta “Domino” Vitali (played by Claudine Auger in the first adaptation, and by Kim Basinger in Never Say Never Again)

Thunderball - 007 Cover Art by Michael Gillet

The Spy Who Loved Me
Featuring the book’s first-person narrator, Vivienne “Viv” Michel.  Isn’t that heart shape is an inspired touch?

Vivienne Michel

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Featuring Tracy Bond, a.k.a. Teresa Draco, a.k.a. Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo (played in the film by Diana Rigg)

Tracy Bond

You Only Live Twice
Featuring Kissy Suzuki (portrayed in the movie version by Mie Hama)

Kissy Suzuki

The Man with the Golden Gun]

The Man with the Golden Gun

Octopussy & The Living Daylights (Short Story Collection #2)


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