Space Race by Tom Clohosy Cole (Nobrow)

Space Race Cover (Tom Cole)

Tom Clohosy Cole is one of our favourite new cover artists – and, for that matter, just a great artist all around.  His unique, nostalgic style combines the simplicity and vivid colour of “retro future” screen printing with the intricate detail and flourishes of digital art.

This makes Space Race a very happy occasion.  He gets an entire book to himself, lovingly recreating the American and Russian space programs’ rush to reach the moon.

Space Race: a fold-out concertina

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Don’t let the page count (twenty) fool you.  For a fan of space, modern history and great artwork, this is something that can be legitimately admired for hours.  A glance at the cover above shows just how well Cole can present the unfathomable scale and ambition of a rocket launch. It even folds out into a cohesive print that can – and indeed, should - be framed!

Continue reading for some amazing illustrated recreations of the US and USSR space race!

The Moon Landing from Tom Cole's Space Race Space Race Mission Control in Tom Cole's Space Race   Space Race by Tom Cole Images from the publisher.

The fact sheet on the flipside also makes this a perfectly functional educational text for children.

This is one of a series of “concertinas” from the impossibly cool magazine and publishing house Nobrow.  Other artists’ contributions to the Leporello series (sharing the same novel presentation format) include the history of aviation and an illustrated recreation of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.

High Times
Swan Lake

They also make one hell of a stylish magazine.  A class act all around.

For more, we suggest (nay, insist) checking out the websites of Tom Cole and Nobrow. You’re in for a very fun ride.

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