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Umberto Eco Cover Design

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This is Not the End of the Book is a fun, fascinating and intimidatingly smart conversation transcript between writers Umberto Eco and Jean-Claude Carrière.

Eco and Carrière are both avid book collectors and lifelong champions of the written word.  They discuss their love of books and the history of the written word, veering into every wild and amusing tangent that comes to mind.   Reading this is like sitting in on a compelling dinner table discussion, but without the fear you’ll want to chime in and say something stupid.

They ultimately agree the printed book will always be relevant in (and beyond) the digital age.  As if the beautiful, uniquely physical typographic cover design didn’t prove it enough!

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Umberto Eco Book Cover - Back

Umberto Eco Book Cover

Where to Find the Hardcover

The original hardcover can currently be found on Book Depository.

Alternative: Paperback Version

This is Not the End of the Book (Paperback)


While unfairly overshadowed by the artistic original hardcover art, the US paperback is a brilliant design in its own right.  You can find it on Amazon.

The Name of the Rose (Folio Society)The Name of the Rose – The Folio Society

Speaking of beautiful and collectible Umberto Eco novels, his classic The Name of the Rose is available in definitive form via the Folio Society.

As with all Folio Society editions, this unapologetically deluxe version comes with illustrations, a slipcase, several unique illustrations, and of course, a binding made from pure bibliophilic love.

You can find it via the Folio Society website.

Lower image source: Tarrington Books

Name of the Rose Slipcase

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